Sometimes Sabr and silence is better than expressing how you really feel.

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Something has really been testing my patience in the last little while, and I’ve realized that the test has been more difficult whenever my faith became weak and I wasn’t as diligent in maintaining a connection and relationship with Allah. What I’ve learned from and been reminded of through this is that in order for me to find peace of heart and mind, and in order for me to achieve success in patience and in acquiring what I’m looking for, I must place my greatest efforts towards my relationship with Allah, and trust in Him to handle the matters of my life that are not in my control. Sure, He may already do that through His limitless generosity and love, but wouldn’t it be wiser to kiss the Hand of the One who feeds you than to bite it?

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الله على لغتنا


الله على لغتنا

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Perhaps this trial wont end until you learn the lesson it was sent to teach you.

Yasmin Mogahed

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Stand firm against injustice even if it be against yourself.

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